Turkish Delight December 08, 2009 11:15

Pudding Pie Cookery SchoolWhy not make your own delicious Turkish Delight this year, it's really easy and tastes yummy! Ingredients (makes approx 60 pieces) 600 grams Granulated Sugar 200 grams Glucose 4 Lemon Zest and Juice 750ml Water Sherry or Rose Water (optional) 150 grams Corn Flour 50 grams Soaked Leaf Gelatine Method •    Boil together the sugar, glucose, lemon zest and juice with 500ml water in a suitable saucepan. •    Flavour with sherry or rose water (if required) •    Thicken with the corn flour diluted with 250ml water. •    Add the soaked Gelatine and stir well. •    Pour into shallow trays and allow to set, then cut into sections and roll in some corn flour.