Xylitol - Have you heard about it? May 18, 2010 10:24

Xylitol Pure xylitol is a white crystalline substance that looks and tastes like sugar. On food labels, xylitol is classified broadly as a carbohydrate and more narrowly as a polyol. Because xylitol is only slowly absorbed and partially utilized, a reduced calorie claim is allowed: 2.4 calories per gram or 40% less than other carbohydrates. Xylitol has been used in foods since the 1960’s. It is a popular sweetener for the diabetic diet in some countries. In the U.S., xylitol is approved as a food additive in unlimited quantity for foods with special dietary purposes. Over 25 years of testing in widely different conditions confirm that xylitol is also the best sweetener for teeth. Some health regimens require iron willpower, discipline, and commitment. But xylitol tastes so good and it does not cause cravings like sugar or sweeteners do, so as part of a balanced diet it's fantastic.  You can buy it in many stores one of which is Sainsburys. Pudding Pie Cookery School, dieting shouldn't mean no sugar.