Pepper Mackerel Salad January 18, 2011 11:35

Mackerel Salad Supporting Hugh's Fish Fight Campaign, a delicious and easy fish dish. Serves 2 - Ready in 10 Minutes Ingredients * 3 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil * 1 tbsp lemon juice * 150g green beans * Small bag of salad leaves * 2-3 smoked peppered mackerel fillets * Handful cherry tomatoes, halved * Handful vegetable crisps, crushed Method 1. Whisk the olive oil and lemon juice, season and set aside. 2. Cook the green beans in boiling salted water for 2-3 minutes, until just tender, then refresh under cold water, drain and cut in half. Tip the salad leaves into a large bowl and add the beans. 3. Peel off the skin from the mackerel fillets and tear the flesh into bite-size pieces. Add to the salad with the tomatoes. 4. Add the dressing and toss well. Divide between 2 large plates and scatter with the vegetable crisps to serve.