A Very Exciting Weekend March 9, 2011 11:36

What a weekend we have had! Besides a group of children going competly silent when I joked at a party that I was 21 (if only they knew how old I really was)..... We spent the weekend in the company of Michel Roux Jnr & Alain Roux at the 3 Michelin Stared Waterside Inn in Bray as they filmed for a new TV series. We had a tour of their new £2m kitchen, a fantastic room with balcony overlooking the Thames and to top it all we were treated to loads of books and their taster menu, which included some of the best food ever. How can we beat that, well we told Michel Roux that we would come and sample his 3 Michelin Star menu at Le Gavroche in London, so we better do it! Still on a high, but back to work.