The Forever Plan September 29, 2011 10:19

We are delighted to announce that the trials for our new Healthy Eating Diet are going well. No more counting calories or points, no more unhealthy packet meals or shakes and no starving yourself to lose weight. Our plan helps you to beat cravings, eat healthy food, improve your overall health and lose weight in the process. As an added bonus we also teach you how to cook, so you have the support and skills you need to continue to eat healthy meals in the future and to stay slim. We have the support of a qualified nutritionist to ensure the meals are well balanced and we have motivational Cd's to give you that extra little boost. Our trials were started a week ago and on just 2 people initially and the results in week one were a weight loss of 9lbs for each person, 2 weeks upto 15 lbs, more energy, being able to sleep better, and generally feeling better in themselves. We will soon be rolling out the trials to 20 volunteers and we will keep you informed of the progress they make. Pudding Pie Cookery School, teaching skills to improve your lifestyle.