Banbury Food Fair with Paul Da Costa Greaves July 22, 2013 17:20

    Here is the timetable for the Banbury Food Fair Demo Tent  
  • 10.45am Pudding Pie demonstrating Focaccia and a pancetta and sundried tomato filled bread
  • 11.45am Malaysian Memories with Yolanda Tapping
  • 12.45pm Paul Da Costa-Greaves demonstrating Savoury baked muffins with feta cheese nut free pesto AND Baked wild salmon with spiced prawns and sweet potato puree
  • 1.45pm Pudding Pie demonstrating Seabass with chorizo and an aubergine confit
  • 2.45pm Paul Da Costa-Greaves demonstrating char-grilled pineapple with spiced prawns and sweet potato puree AND Summer fruit roll with sweetened basil syrup
  • 3.45pm Pudding Pie demonstrating Bubble & Squeak cakes with Thai seasoned roast chicken and a chilli and sour cream sauce. Working with Love Food, Hate Waste.
  All happening at Banbury Food Fair 18th August 2013